Jailbreak solutions for iOS 14.3

Apple released its new beta updates of iOS 14.3. But there’s no public release of the iOS 14.3 updates yet. If you are interested in jailbreaking, you might have the question of jailbreaking iOS 14.3. This article reveals the jailbreak possibility of the iOS 14.3 update.

We can expect these 4 different jailbreak methods will succeed on the iOS 14.3 version.

  1. Checkra1n
  2. unc0ver
  3. Taigone
  4. Odyssey may be( chance is very much thin)

Checkra1n Jailbreak


Checkra1n is the only PC method for jailbreak. Jailbreak users and checkra1n team confirm Checkra1n can successfully jailbreak the new iOS 14.2 version and we can expect that they will release it for iOS 14.3 with Cydia support. Currently, it’s available for up to iPhone 5s devices and iOS 14.2 from iOS 12 versions. Checkra1n has become the one of hottest topics among the cybersecurity world and jailbreak communities and now you can jailbreak iOS 14 and higher versions using Checkra1n.

Unc0ver jailbreak


Uncover is another popular jailbreak tool for the latest iOS updates and iPhone devices. It has both PC methods and online methods. Currently, It is available for iOS 11.0–13.5 updates. The first release of unc0ver is for iOS 12 and after that, it has been updated by the unc0ver team for iOS 13. Since it has high supportability for iOS 14, we can expect their new updates for iOS 14.3 version but have to wait for their response.

Taigone jailbreak


Taigone is one of the most conversational jailbreak methods among jailbreak communities. It provides you a jailbreak solution pack that includes jailbreak tools, apps, tweaks and paid apps for free. And also you have a chance to customize your iPhone with duplicate social media apps and themes. It gives you 100% freedom to customize your phone. You can find the compatible tools and apps for your device with the compatibility checker. Taigone will also support iOS 14.3 and the biggest advantage of Taigone is you don’t have to jailbreak your device to enjoy all these features. It’s 100% and safe.



Last Friday, Odyssey has announced their new update for iOS 13.5–13.7 versions. Odyssey 1.2.1 is an exploit that was released by FreeTheSandbox and zeCops. It improves the stability of post jailbreak while fixing issues of tweaks. Since the Odyssey has a significant success rate on the latest iOS 13 version, we can expect that they might release a new jailbreak update for iOS 14 and higher.

Apple has not released its iOS 14.3 major updates to the public yet but you can find out more about iOS 14.3 jailbreak and tweaks and get more info about jailbreak methods.